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The History of the Boat.

The Dutch Sloop, originating in the early 1600s, played a vital role in Dutch & American maritime culture, serving as an ideal workboat perfectly suited for rivers and coastal waters.

The Sloop played a vital role in Dutch nautical culture. It was used primarily for fishing and transportationin the nation's shallow waters. Its flat bottom and versatile design made itideal for navigating the extensive network of Dutch canals and rivers. Evolving over time, it became crucial to economic development, transitioning from cargo transport to a leisure vessel symbolizing Dutch maritime history.

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In the early 1700s Dutch explorers and settlers brought the sloop to the New World, specifically toareas like New Amsterdam (now New York). In America, the sloop was perfectlysuited for the intricate network of rivers and coastal waters, becoming vitalfor trade, transportation, and fishing in early settlements.

The Boat.

Tulip Boats presents a luxury vessel, comforting you with interactive seating and premium ammenities during your Boat Rental.
Designed for both newer and experienced boaters, our boats are easy to drive offering a smooth and relaxing experience.


Enter a comfortable haven with interactive seating, fostering social interaction and relaxation. Thoughtfully arranged benches encourage conversation, complemented by amenities like a built-in fridge, sleek dinner table, and Bluetooth speakers. A discreet, state-of-the-art navigation system, contributing to a luxurious and convenient experience during your boat rental.


The boat's exterior combines functionality and elegance. The front seating transforms into a sun deck, while the stern features a convenient swimming platform. A retractable sunscreen provides shelter, allowing you to enjoy the elements on your terms. Tulip Boats' design seamlessly blends practicality with pleasure, reflecting our commitment to excellence on every boat rental with Tulip Boats.

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